About Us


What are we?

Apliko Development is the only place you can get quality apps guaranteed at a great price. Hiring freelancers can be risky and dealing with timezone differences is frustrating. Our quality and work ethic make us stand out. You can see detail in every app, icon, and screenshot we produce.

Our Story

My name is Joey Chung and I'm the founder of Apliko Development. I started out as a freelance developer and often sold apps on the popular site Flippa. After years of doing this, I realized there was a real demand for a development company that can produce quality results time and again at a great price. Because of this I created my companies Apliko Market for selling cheap templates and Apliko Development for clients that need a more custom approach.

Meet the Team

The Apliko Market team has a diverse skillset that will allow us to provide you with the best apps possible!


Joey Chung

Founder & CEO

iOS developer and designer


Ajay Sah


iOS, Android, and Backend Developer


Davide Ottavini


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Next Steps...

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